Welcome to CIMS

Cyanobacterial ITS Motif Slicer

CIMS is a tool to extract the commonly used ITS folding motifs from a 16s-23s rRNA sequence. It takes a fasta or at least one Genbank accession number and returns a list of motifs with their respective labels for each of the sequences provided. Dedicated to the cyanobacteria researches who spend many hours highlighting motifs in MS Word.

How does it work?

Simply type the Genbank Accession ID of a 16S-23S sequence or upload one FASTA file of your ITS or 16S-23S sequence(s) and you will get a zip file with a fasta file per organism that contains the sliced motifs. You may have more than one sequence per fasta.

You may get more than one result for some motifs, we currently cannot verify the results so we return all the possibilities

You may also download CIMS to run on your terminal, which includes more features than the online version.